Himalayan salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt acts as a natural ionizer and air purifier, promoting beneficial feelings of wellbeing.

Himalayan crystal salt is mined from the tranquil and beautiful Himalayan Mountains. The salt is 250 million years old and has a high mineral content and since it comes from the undeveloped regions of the Himalayas, it retains only the natural elements that were found in the original, primal ocean. This pure crystal salt can be used to make salt lamps and tea light holders, every piece being unique in colour and form.

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Benefits of Himalayan salt

This crystal salt naturally diffuses beneficial negative ions into the atmosphere and this effect is greatly enhanced when it is warmed up using a bulb or candle. Negative ions are associated with feelings of calm, relaxation and wellbeing. Naturally occurring high concentrations are found by waterfalls, by the sea, in the mountains and in pine forests, as well as after thunderstorms, which we associate with ‘clearing the air’. Using Himalayan crystal salt is a natural and safe way to produce these negative ions and this can help counteract all the ‘electrical smog’ that surrounds us, helping to purify the air.

They are suitable for use in: offices, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and children’s rooms. Just don’t use them in bathrooms where the lamps will absorb all the humidity and then leak it back out!

Himalayan Salt products are available to buy from my Maidenhead-based Treatment Room. I have a selection of salt lamps of different sizes and colours currently available, see my online shop for more details.