Read on to find out what my clients have to say about me in testimonials written in their own words!

“‘I decided to have Reflexology due to digestive problems I had been suffering over a long period of time as well as experiencing stress and headaches. From our first session I felt very much at ease with Rosanna and found it easy to talk to her about my personal issues and experiences. Rosanna is always very caring and understanding and has been able to offer me great insight into some of the problems I suffer from. Rosanna always places emphasis on what I want to get out of the session, and has also provided great tips for ways to help myself between appointments. I immediately started to feel the benefits of reflexology and found that I started to feel much calmer and my digestive system started to improve. Rosanna has a really great space for her treatments and I always feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout. I would highly recommend Rosanna to anyone wanting to try Reflexology, she is absolutely fantastic!’


Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator

I just wanted to drop you a little note to say how much I enjoyed my reflexology session with you last week. For the rest of the day I felt amazing, very calm and totally relaxed… like I was floating on air. I’m still feeling those benefits now. Thanks again and I hope to visit you again in the near future for a top up.


PR Manager

‘You may be pleased to hear that since I last came to your practice- fingers crossed- I have much more control on my head pain. They last shorter (1and1/2 day instead of 3) and seem to be lighter. I have really benefitted from the treatment given and all your good advice for healthier lifestyle and well-being.’

Mrs M

Mum of 3

I have received regular reflexology treatments from Rosanna from week 12 of my pregnancy. Rosanna has made a very anxious time calm and positive and is incredibly skilful. Her treatment room is the perfect tranquil environment and Rosanna ensures that you are comfortable and warm before beginning any treatment. I found Rosanna’s manner to be the perfect combination of professional and nurturing and incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. Rosanna is incredibly insightful and happy to find out anything that can help. I will really miss seeing Rosanna regularly but excited to be doing baby reflexology with her. Thank you Rosanna for being so kind and caring, you were a really important part of my pregnancy.


Mum of 2

‘I really enjoyed the baby reflex session. I especially like how portable it is and can be used anywhere anytime my baby needs soothing etc. It was so easy to remember and I have used it quite a bit since. I definitely think it has helped my baby. The colic has virtually disappeared. Now, it could be that she is now 12 weeks and was going to get better anyway but I like to think the reflexology has something to do with it! Makes me feel better knowing I have leant a technique to help her!’


Mum of 2