I’m Rosanna, a professionally qualified and experienced Holistic Therapist. I’ve been in the field of health and disease for over 30 years, gaining a PhD in Infectious Diseases before becoming a Reflexologist and more recently training in Jin Shin, an Oriental medicine therapy. Since 2009, I have enjoyed running a busy practice from my Maidenhead treatment room, with clients presenting with a wide range of health concerns. I specialise in helping with stress and anxiety, chronic health conditions and women’s health.

I use my scientific background to complement the treatments by helping you to understand your own medical conditions using accurate, evidence-based information. I believe that by understanding how our bodies work in health and illness, we take an important step towards helping ourselves to recover and to live our lives in a healthier and more balanced way.

Due to current lockdown restrictions, my Maidenhead treatment room is currently CLOSED for face-to-face treatments. I’m currently working online to support my clients, using phone and video consultations as well as guided self-treatments.

Currently, the easiest way to get access to my health and wellbeing info, suggestions and self-treatments is through my weekly FREE Pathway through the Pandemic emails, find out more here.

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Disclaimer: I do not diagnose medical conditions. I use reflexology alongside evidence-based health information to complement treatment from qualified medical professionals. If during a consultation, you tell me about undiagnosed symptoms, I will always recommend that you go to see your GP.