Simple, natural, blissful……and addictive!!

Spacemasks are designed to help us escape the hectic busyness of our lives and let our worldly cares melt away, these little pouches of magic allow us to float away into a state of pure bliss.

Spacemasks are self-heating single use eye masks. Simply open the pouch, unfold the jasmine-scented mask and place it over your eyes, fitting the loops around your ears. Within minutes it starts to heat up as the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere cuddle up to the layer of enclosed iron particles in a natural and safe heat exchange. The warmth lasts around 15 minutes and there is something about the gentle heat and subtle fragrance that is incredibly soothing, allowing you to float away to another dimension, leaving all your worries behind.


The gentle warmth eases eye tension and improves blood circulation, helping to reduce dark circles and puffiness, leaving you with sparkling rested-looking eyes. The soothing effect of the heat, darkness and jasmine scent is gentle yet effective and if you are tired, stressed and need to unwind, this does the trick.

These masks are perfect for when your eyes feel tired –or when the rest of you does.

When to use

Spacemasks are great to use at bedtime or during a nap to help you drift off into a deep, replenishing sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed with beautifully sparkly eyes. They can also be used during or after flying, if you have a headache (or hangover!) and are just the thing to help you relax if you are going through stressful intensive treatments such as chemotherapy or IVF.

I’ve been so impressed with these eye masks and have been using them regularly ever since they launched, so much so that I am now a local stockist. Spacemasks are now available to buy in my Maidenhead Treatment Room or by post via my shop, either as a single mask (£3.50) or in packs of 5 (£16.50).

I am also offering the option of wearing one during a reflexology treatment to help your relaxation reach new heights – floating all the way up to space….

These masks are also perfect as a gift – if you can bear to part with them that is!