Reflexology for health

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions

Many of us have chronic illnesses that can interfere with our daily lives and that worsen when we are under stress. Whilst reflexology does not claim to cure or alleviate these conditions, it certainly seems to help us to relax and improve our feelings of wellbeing and this in turn can help us cope with the pain and discomfort. So reflexology for health purposes can work well alongside conventional medical care and medications.

Many health conditions now have dedicated charitable organisations that offer support and information to sufferers and an increasing number of these are recognising the value of having reflexology alongside conventional medical care. Examples include:

Anxiety UK – which supports those living with anxiety disorders and phobias. They have a new smartphone app called Stress Tips to help users deal with their stress and anxiety. And they recommend reflexology as a useful complementary therapy.

The IBS Network – offers advice, the latest research and a self-care plan. They recommend complementary therapies such as reflexology under their top 10 tips for managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Migraine Action – offers help, information and support. They have information about using reflexology and other complementary therapies to help cope with migraines.

I have copies of the fact sheets provided by these organisations about using reflexology to help cope with the challenges of these chronic illnesses. These are available in my treatment room or I am happy to email them to you.