Update to my Covid-19 Treatment Room Precautions (as of 1st March 2022)

To help keep everyone safe, I made some changes to how I work and these new practices have been up and running since July 2020. Fortuitously, I worked in Infectious Disease labs before training as a reflexologist, so I’m well acquainted with strategies to prevent viruses infecting new hosts! Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands when you come to visit me as I’ll be taking all precautions possible to minimise the risks.

I have also found that with a little creative thinking it is entirely possible to minimise risk while still maintaining a warm and welcoming treatment space. My newly reorganised and decluttered treatment room remains a calm, peaceful and enjoyable environment to spend time in.

The Covid-19 screening I do on myself, my household and all clients prior to and on the day of the appointment means no one with any potential symptoms of Covid-19 will be spending time in the treatment room. Therefore all the other precautions taken are to reduce the risk of transmission in a situation where someone is inadvertently asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic.

The entrance to my treatment room is separate from the rest of the house, there is also a dedicated cloakroom next to the treatment room which is now set aside for the sole use of clients.

Before your appointment

  • You’ll be asked to fill in a pre-visit Covid questionnaire – this is to make sure that you have no Covid-19 symptoms or likely exposure to this virus and that it is safe and appropriate to give you a treatment.
  • You’ll be asked to bring along a mask, some water and a cosy blanket.

When you arrive at my treatment room

  • Please put on your face mask and then knock at the door.
  • If you arrive early please text/call me first before arriving at my door, extra time is currently needed between appointments to clean and ventilate the room and if you are early it’s possible that the floor/surfaces haven’t yet dried.
  • Please don’t bring anyone else with you unless necessary. Exceptions include a parent/guardian of children under 18 years old.

Inside the treatment room

  • You will be asked to remove your shoes and place them alongside any other belongings in the tray provided,
  • You will then be asked to wash your hands in the cloakroom or use the hand sanitiser provided before coming into the treatment room itself.
  • The cloakroom & toilet is available for you to use and is thoroughly cleaned between appointments.
  • There is now a towel dispenser with disposable paper towels in place of a communal hand towel and an enclosed bin. The paper towels are 100% bamboo and biodegradable to minimise the impact on the environment.
  • The treatment room windows will be open to allow ventilation – the radiator will also be on to make sure you stay warm and I also have a heated under blanket to help you feel cosy when the weather is cooler.
  • The reclining chair and all support cushions are fully covered in layers of waterproof covers and freshly laundered sheets, pillowcases and muslin.
  • There is no longer a waiting area or consultation area and all fabric chairs, unnecessary soft furnishings and “knick knacks” have been removed!
  • I will be wearing a well-fitting face mask throughout your appointment.


  • Before and after each treatment a cleaning protocol is followed to make sure the treatment space is clean and sanitised ready for the next client.
  • This includes cleaning the treatment chair/couch, all surfaces in the treatment room and cloakroom, the sink, toilet, the light switches & interior and exterior door handles. The floor will also be mopped. I am using a Lakeland cleaning spray that has been approved to kill bacteria and viruses (including the coronavirus that causes Covid-19).
  • All linens used on the treatment chair, support pillows and during the treatment are removed ready for washing and replaced with fresh ones.
  • I am allowing a 30-minute gap between appointments to fully ventilate and clean the treatment space and cloakroom.

I am also following the Association of Reflexology Covid-19 secure workplace policy.


You can opt to pay online by bank transfer or via my booking system, or you can also use contactless payment methods in the treatment room via Apple or GooglePay as well as by credit or debit card (you can tap for amounts under £100 or use the chip & pin option should you prefer). Cash is also fine if you are happy to bring the exact amount.

Cancellation Policy

  • Once your appointment is booked in, please let me know if you have symptoms or potential exposure to Covid-19 or if a you or a household member feels unwell.
  • You can also cancel your appointment at any time if you aren’t feeling 100%. I want you to feel safe and to keep the treatment room safe for everyone. Therefore the normal cancellation policy does not apply unless you simply forget to turn up!

After your appointment

If within 2 days of your appointment you begin to develop any symptoms of possible COVID-19 or test positive via a Lateral Flow or PCR test, please contact me straightaway as I will close my treatment room and self-isolate to minimise risk to other clients.

I can also assure you that I will immediately shut my practice and contact all affected clients should I test positive on a lateral flow test (I do these every morning that I’m working face-to-face with clients) or display any respiratory symptoms that could be Covid-19 or should myself, or any member of my immediate family, come into close contact with anyone who has Coronavirus or test positive on a Lateral Flow test or PCR test.

I hope that you find these measures reassuring and if you have any questions at all then please do get in touch.