“Covid-safe” appointments

I’ve made some changes to how a typical reflexology appointment runs, in order to minimise the risks of Covid-19 transmission. Below I describe the whole appointment process so that you can get a feel for what it is currently like when you visit me. If you have any questions at all then please just get in touch.

Pre-visit phone consultation

Every treatment starts with a consultation. Pre-Covid, this consultation took place in the treatment room as part of your appointment. Now this health consultation and Covid-19 screening takes place over the phone (or via video call if you prefer) prior to your visit, there are 2 reasons for this:

  1. We can then keep the time we spend together in person to around an hour and this is entirely focused on your treatment,
  2. We don’t need to wear masks when we talk on the phone – and if you’ve tried to have a longer conversation while wearing a mask, you’ll know that this is not always easy due to the mask itself and the lack of facial cues that we’re used to seeing.

For a first treatment, this phone consultation takes around 30 minutes because I like to find out all about your health (current and past), your lifestyle, current stresses and challenges and any health issues you would like to address. This enables me to then tailor your reflexology treatment to best meet your needs.

Subsequent phone consultations take around 10-15 minutes. We discuss how you have been in terms of your health and wellbeing since your last appointment and what you would like to get from this reflexology treatment.


Covid-safe treatmentYou’ll be asked to bring along a mask, some water and your own blanket. When you arrive at my door, there is a QR code that you can scan using the NHS app should you wish to. Find out more about my other Covid-19 precautions.

After you have arrived in the treatment room, removed your shoes and washed your hands, I will then settle you onto a reclining chair draped in freshly laundered sheets and towels. I’ll also use pillows and your blanket to make you comfortable. The windows will be open and the radiator will be on to maintain some ventilation without the room feeling too cold. Soft relaxing music plays in the background and salt lamps are lit to help induce a calm, relaxing environment. The treatment itself usually lasts around 55 minutes, during which you can close your eyes and relax or you are welcome to chat if you prefer.

I will sanitise first my hands and then your feet. The reflexology begins with some soothing moves to warm up and relax your feet, then moderate pressure is applied to all your reflex points. Some of these points may feel tender when I press them; this helps alert me to areas that need more attention to bring them into balance. I draw on a wide variety of reflexology techniques, choosing the best ones to suit your individual needs and preferences. The treatment concludes with some calming foot massage techniques and holds.

After treatment

After the treatment has finished, I’ll feedback what your feet have been saying (always interesting!) Then you’ll have time to gently gather yourself and to remove your mask to have a drink of water, while I leave the room to wash my hands.

To keep payment contact free, I’m asking that you pay prior to your appointment – either via bank transfer or by invoice which has a secure link to pay by card (rather than using my card machine which is hard to effectively sanitise repeatedly!)

It is a good idea to take it fairly easy after after the treatment, to let your body rest. I also recommend that you keep well hydrated in the 24-48 hours following treatment, as this helps dilute out any toxins that the body decides to excrete and helps minimise strong reactions.

How you may feel

People respond differently to reflexology and how you feel directly afterwards often reflects your physical and emotional state prior to treatment. For example, you may feel a release of tension, accompanied by a sense of calm and wellbeing. You could feel more relaxed or energised or could feel tired and sleepy.