Returning clients

Welcome back – I cherish my merry band of HappierHealthierYou clients and as someone who has been to see me before (be that last week, last year or within the past decade!) it is always a pleasure to see you and to give you a much-deserved treatment.

As a returner, you probably already have a good idea of what to expect when coming to see me. There are a few changes to be aware of though, these include my working hours, appointment lengths, online booking system and of course Covid protocols!

Working hours

  • online and phone consultations & appointments on Tuesdays (9am -6pm)
  • In-person treatments on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays (9am – 6pm, final appointment of the day at 4.30pm).

Covid precautions As of 19th July 2021, all my Covid precautions remain in place and include both of us wearing a mask in the treatment room, as well as windows open for good ventilation and bringing your own water and blanket.  Plus, you will need to complete a Covid screening questionnaire online or by phone on the day before/day of your appointment to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for me to see you for a treatment.

Been a while since you visited me? GDPR means that I am legally required to destroy all your documents 7 years after you have last been to see me. Time really can fly by, so if you think it has been more than 7 years since your last visit, just get in touch and I can check if your records still exist. If it turns out to be more than 7 years then no worries, it just means you will need to fill in a new health questionnaire and we can then use this to do a comprehensive health review ahead of your treatment (at no extra cost!)

Prices & Appointment options My pricing reflects the amount of time I spend on each appointment (a lot of it behind the scenes such as writing & reviewing your health and treatment notes, not to mention learning new techniques to make the treatments as enjoyable and effective as possible!)

The new streamlined pricing approach is based on how long you want to spend with me for your consultation and treatment. As I want to make sure that I remain affordable, there are also options for shorter, less expensive appointments, in addition to my signature 70-minute consultation/treatment/aftercare session. All current options are listed below and can be booked via my online booking system.

Online booking

My new and improved online booking system is now officially up and running – hurray!!

You can see from the screenshot what the page looks like when you land on it and here’s the link:, you can hop straight over and try it out or better yet read on to find out a bit more about how it works and some of the most useful new features.

It’s very straightforward to use and part of my overall plan to make life easier for both of us! The only two things you’re going to need to use it are:

  1. the link to the site
  2. the email address that you use for your appointments with me.

Anyone can use the link and browse my appointments and see what might work for them, but to book one in (which I’m only allowing existing clients do at the moment, not people who’ve never been to see me before), once you have chosen the date and time of your appointment, you will be asked to enter your email address, and then it will find you on the system. If for any reason you try this and your email doesn’t work, then just get in touch with me and I’ll get your updated email on the system.

Useful features on the booking system

Notes option: When you book your appointment, there’s a little box that says “notes” and it allows you to write me a quick note that I will see it when I get your appointment booking. So, it could be something like you prefer to have your consultation over the phone, or it could be to see if I can tweak the time of your appointment e.g., from 11.30 am to 11.15am. This is the quickest way of asking me something and then I can get back to you about it, saving us emailing or texting back and forth.

Waiting List option: if you go for a day or a time when you really want an appointment but there isn’t anything currently available, you can put yourself on the waiting list for the times you would like and then if an appointment pops up in that timeframe, you’ll be automatically notified and can choose whether or not you want to book it. The waiting list option will only work on days that I’m working in-person, so if you were to look at a day when I’m working with online clients or on holiday, it won’t allow you to go on the waiting list as it knows there won’t be any appointments coming available on that day – again saving us both time!

Loyalty points!

The booking system has allowed me to set up an efficient new loyalty points system (my teeny scale version of the Boots points card!) It means that I can now reward everyone who spends money with me in my treatment room or online. I love this idea – it seems an easy and very fair way of saying thank you to everyone who supports my business, as the more you spend, the more loyalty points you’ll earn.

  • Each £1 you spend earns you 1 loyalty point and these points automatically go into your profile within the booking system, so you can go and see how many you have at any time.
  • 40 points = £1 to spend on treatments and products within my treatment room or online.

You could choose to spend them as you go, to get money off a treatment or to buy yourself a little treat like a SpaceMask or something for the bath or shower, or on a crystal. Or you can save them up and splurge on an extra treatment or a gift for yourself. They are all about encouraging self-care :o) Plus these points have no expiry date, so you can use the ones you have tomorrow or next year. The only thing that you can’t exchange them for is actual cold hard cash!!

I’m currently putting together a couple of screen capture videos which take you through how to book an appointment, how to reschedule or cancel appointments, and how to log into your account. These will be available soon, so if you’d like to watch a run-through before booking in, then let me know and I’ll send you the link as soon as they are finished.

I look forward to seeing you!