The true power of self care

My dream for you is that you feel so much better in yourself – not just physically but mentally, emotionally & spiritually, in other words better in Every. Single. Way.

That you feel happier and healthier not just after you’ve had a deeply relaxing and rebalancing treatment with me, but Every. Single. Day …

My wish is that you wake up in the morning feeling calm, centred and ready to take on the world – whatever it may have in store!

I want you to feel back in control of your health and happiness, confident that whatever your mind or body needs from you, you can both listen and respond – using some simple, easy-to-remember and effective self care tools.

To feel like you have a tiny little version of me in your pocket, ready to give you exactly what you need in that moment, through a beautiful self-treatment that supports and nourishes you.

To know that if you wake in the night and can’t go back to sleep or if you are in pain or feeling low that there is always something you can do to help yourself feel better – something that really requires very little from you except your own two hands and the knowledge that you are not alone as you practice this ancient healing art.

Because at the end of the day, much as I love you dearly, my treatment room is not going to open at 3 in the morning, I need my beauty sleep!

So just how do I propose to help you from afar in a way that is simple yet profoundly effective?

It’s simple – I’m going to show you how you can nurture your mind, body & spirit using the power of touch – yes you will be using your own amazing hands (every bit as healing as my hands!) in the Japanese practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

You do not need to be a Zen master, or even to have mastered the art of mindfulness meditation – if you are anything like me, mediation will follow much more naturally once hands are involved!

Could it simply be as easy as lying back and holding with your hands on your head??

You won’t need to spend hours on Zoom to learn these techniques, all you need is 10-20 minutes to listen to a mediation and to learn a Jin Shin hold or flow. Then you get to use it either via a guided meditation or while watching Netflix or listening to a podcast, it truly is a practice that fits in well with our busy lives.


Plus…. I’m going to make it fun and enjoyable, because when it feels good and we enjoy it, guess what – we are more likely to do it again (and again and again!)

There’ll be guided meditations, stories (I love a good bedtime story!), real life case studies and the chance to share and connect with one another as we learn to “Jin Shin” our way through life (pandemic or no pandemic!)


There will be a free “Finding your stress finger” class in September, so watch this space for more details. Or better yet, join my email list as those on my list always get first dibs on my classes and courses :o)