Reflexology chart (dreamstime40895583)Reflexology is a wonderful therapy that involves the application of gentle pressure to specific reflex points on the feet and is suitable for all ages and many chronic health conditions. A standard treatment involves working all the reflexes on both feet. This allows the reflexologist to build up a picture of what is happening in the body and to encourage specific systems and organs to rebalance.

In addition to encouraging your body to enter a natural self-balancing state, my reflexology treatments are personalised to help you deal with your most pressing health concerns. I specialise in using reflexology to help with fertility, pregnancy, stress and anxiety, chronic health conditions and cancer.

Reflexology can help you to relax, feel brighter and sleep better; resulting in an improved sense of health and wellbeing. It may also provide some relief from a range of health issues such as stress-related conditions, hormonal imbalances and digestive disorders. Find out more about the potential benefits of reflexology.

I also use my evidence-based scientific background to complement the reflexology treatments by helping you to understand your own medical conditions and treatments. In this way I can provide a truly holistic experience.

Treatments include using one or more of the following techniques:

  • Traditional Reflexology – gentle pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the feet.
  • Precision Reflexology – the use of energy linking techniques between reflex points.
  • Thai Foot Massage – the use of traditional Thai massage techniques on the legs and fee, with a Thai wooden stick used on the reflex points.
  • Fertility Reflexology – additional hormone balance techniques on the feet to aid conception and provide support during IVF and other assisted reproduction techniques.
  • Maternity Reflexology – modified reflexology techniques to support and relax expectant mothers and help the mind and body prepare for labour.