Reflexology for Pregnancy

Supporting you through pregnancy

mum and babyDuring pregnancy, our bodies and our lives undergo many significant changes as we prepare to bring a new baby (or babies!) into the world. The aim of pregnancy reflexology is to care for and support you as you go through these changes.

I cannot thank you enough for giving me a night’s sleep!!! I was asleep by 8 and even after my usual toilet trips I managed to get straight back to sleep. I simply don’t remember the last time I slept so well – THANK YOU!!! And to my amazement my back felt better too 🙂 Thank you again for yesterday’s magic. Relaxology indeed 🙂
Rosanna, Mum of two and 37 weeks pregnant

Reflexology during the pre-conception period can help you to relax and de-stress and therefore may aid your body in preparing for pregnancy.

Reflexology during pregnancy can help you to cope with some of the physical and emotional changes, whilst helping your body to feel as comfortable as possible. It may also help you deal with common pregnancy health niggles such as: digestive issues, back pain, fluid retention and fatigue.

Reflexology can also be used to help your mind and body as it prepares to give birth.

Reflexology during the post-natal period may help you deal emotionally and physically with the after affects of pregnancy, labour and becoming a mum!

Find out more about what a pregnancy reflexology appointment involves here.

As pregnancy reflexology is of special interest to me, I have undertaken additional training in this area and also have over 10 years experience of working with lovely pregnant ladies! My pregnancy reflexology experience and qualifications to date are:

  • Parts 1 & 2 of Susanne Enzer’s Maternity Reflexology training, led by certified trainer Gill Thomson (a midwife, health visitor and reflexologist). This covered pre-conceptual care, pregnancy care, birthing care, postnatal care and newborn baby care. (July 2010 & June 2011)
  • Miscarriage and Loss workshop organised by the Maternity Reflexology consortium. (November 2010)
  • Pregnancy Loss Seminar, a one day seminar discussing issues surrounding miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death and how best to support couples going through these very challenging experiences, this was organised by the charity group Life. (March 2011)

As well as experiencing regular reflexology myself throughout my pregnancies, I have also been lucky enough to give clients reflexology during the preconception, pregnancy and post-natal periods. This has been a real privilege, accompanying and supporting women on their exciting and sometimes challenging journeys, as they make their way from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond. I have learnt a huge amount from these women and I don’t believe that there would be much you could say or experience that I haven’t come across before!

So if you have been feeling stressed, have had a particular health challenge or pregnancy issue then please do contact me to see how reflexology may be able to help and support you – I look forward to hearing from you!