Maidenhead Treatment Room

I have a purpose-built ground floor Treatment Room that has its own entrance and doorbell. It is situated towards the back of the house overlooking the garden and is quiet and calm.

This Maidenhead Treatment Room has a consultation area, a reclining Lafuma chair used for Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage and a massage table used for ear candling and facial treatments. There is also a downstairs loo right next door.

The consultation area has comfy chairs and is where you sit whilst we go through an initial or follow-up health consultation. The chairs have been chosen so as to feel comfortable and supportive, even if you have back pain or are 40+ weeks pregnant! The treatment area overlooks the garden and is lit by a collection of  soothing Himalayan salt lamps.

Located in Alwyn Road, near St Marks Hospital, Maidenhead click here for a map.