Liam’s Elephants

A symbol of hope to those affected by cancer.

herd of elephants

Why Elephants?

Recent medical research has confirmed that elephants rarely get cancer despite their large size and long life span. The cellular mechanism behind this has now been identified, with elephants having 20 active copies of the TP53 gene, whereas humans have just one copy. TP53 is known to encourage cell suicide when DNA is damaged, stopping any potentially cancerous cells from multiplying. Research is ongoing to determine how to best boost TP53 activity in humans. Interestingly, many cultures believe that wild animals have characteristics that we can learn from and use. In the case of the elephant, these qualities are: strength, patience, dignity, good fortune and longevity – all very apt for anyone who is affected by cancer!

About Liam

Liam is a 10-year old Maidenhead boy who led an ordinary life until October 2014, when out of the blue he developed symptoms that led to a brain tumour being discovered. Since then Liam has had brain surgery to remove the tumour, proton therapy in America and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Liam’s fund was set up to raise the money to send him to America to receive specialist treatment that up until recently was not available in this country. The fund now continues to raise awareness of pediatric brain cancer and to raise funds for Liam’s ongoing treatment for medulloblastoma. For more information please see

So why Liam’s Elephants?

Liam’s mum had read the article about elephants rarely getting cancer and wanted to buy a little elephant for Liam. The elephant tealight holders we sell are very cute and have proved really popular since we started stocking them. Then suddenly a moment of inspiration struck! Why not let everyone know about the significance of the elephant for those affected by cancer while also raising some money and awareness of Liam’s Fund by donating all the profits from the sale of these elephants to the fund.

We are delighted to announce that we have sold over 100 #LiamsElephants since November  2015, we still have a few left in stock so if you would like to buy one please visit the online shop.