Typical reflexology treatment


Every treatment starts with a consultation. For a first treatment, this takes around 30 minutes because I like to find out all about your health (current and past), your lifestyle, current stresses and challenges and any health issues you would like to address. This enables me to then tailor your reflexology treatment to best meet your needs.

Subsequent consultations take around 10-15 minutes. We discuss any reactions to previous reflexology treatments and how your health and sense of wellbeing has been since your last appointment.


reflex foot (dreamstime_2870306)After you have removed your shoes and socks, I then settle you onto a reclining reflexology chair using pillows and blankets to make you comfortable. Soft background music is played and candles are lit to help induce a calm, relaxing environment. The treatment itself lasts around 50 minutes during which I encourage you to close your eyes and relax as this helps your body get into a calmer, healing state. However, you are welcome to chat to me if you prefer!

The treatment starts with some soothing moves to warm up and relax your feet, then moderate pressure is applied to all your reflex points. Some of these points may feel tender when I press them; this helps alert me to areas that need more attention to bring them into balance. The treatment concludes with a deep breathing exercise followed by a relaxing foot massage.

After treatment

After the treatment has finished, you have time to gently gather yourself and have a drink of water, while I discuss any findings with you.

It is a good idea to take it easy for the day after the treatment, to let your body rest. I always recommend that you drink plenty of water in the 24-48 hours following treatment. This helps dilute out any toxins that the body decides to excrete and helps minimize adverse reactions.

How you may feel

People respond differently to reflexology and how you feel directly afterwards often reflects your physical and emotional state prior to treatment. For example, you may feel a release of tension, accompanied by a sense of calm and wellbeing. You could feel more relaxed or energized or could feel tired and sleepy. Sometimes the reflexology may result in the urge to go to the toilet more frequently or may seem to bring out a cold or virus that was lurking about.