Pregnancy reflexology

Pregnancy Reflexology can be of great support and help you to cope better with some of the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, whilst helping your body to feel as comfortable as possible. It may also help you deal with common pregnancy health niggles such as: digestive issues, back pain, fluid retention and fatigue.

pregnant bump(dreamstime_14974143)During pregnancy, you may alternate between feeling delighted, anxious, exhilarated, weepy and exhausted – and sometimes feel them all at the same time! In addition, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass of information that you can be bombarded with, once you confide in family and friends.

Having a pregnancy reflexology treatment can give you some much needed breathing space in a calm, supportive environment. You will be able to talk through your fears, anxieties and excitement about the new baby. Then as you relax on the comfortable reclining chair, you get the peace and rest that allows you to focus purely on yourself and your baby, away from the distractions of the outside world.

I have received regular reflexology treatments from Rosanna from week 12 of my pregnancy. Rosanna has made a very anxious time calm and positive and is incredibly skilful. Her treatment room is the perfect tranquil environment and Rosanna ensures that you are comfortable and warm before beginning any treatment. I found Rosanna’s manner to be the perfect combination of professional and nurturing and incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. Rosanna is incredibly insightful and happy to find out anything that can help. I will really miss seeing Rosanna regularly but excited to be doing baby reflexology with her. Thank you Rosanna for being so kind and caring, you were a really important part of my pregnancy.
Holli, Mum of 2

pregnant women relaxing (dreamstime_15533053I thoroughly enjoy giving pregnancy reflexology treatments and am fully trained and experienced in this area. I have been lucky enough to support clients from pre-conception, right through their pregnancies and during the post-natal period. I also have plenty of experience in dealing with pregnancies that are stressful both emotionally and physically.

I am a mum myself of two energetic boys and I was lucky enough to experience regular fortnightly reflexology treatments during both my pregnancies and the post-natal periods. So I have experienced first hand the emotional, hormonal and physiological rollercoaster associated with pregnancy and birth!

I personally found reflexology to be a great support during pregnancy and I really enjoyed the time-out from my busy life to just relax and be with the baby growing inside me. It made me and my growing baby feel cared for and nurtured and in my case I was fortunate to have speedy, uncomplicated births and delightful babies! And I now aim to give YOU the same sense of relaxation, care and support that made such a difference to me.

Click here to see an AoR (Association of Reflexologists) interview with a woman who has benefited from having pregnancy reflexology.

If you are considering having some reflexology treatments during your pregnancy then please do contact me and we can discuss how it can be specifically tailored to your particular situation – I look forward to hearing from you!