Fertility appointments and prices

Pregnancy test croppedWhen I work with fertility clients, I always allow extra time for both the consultation and treatment. In my experience, there is generally more to discuss both in terms of fertility health questions and how best to cope with all the additional stresses and pressures. My extensive training in Fertility Awareness allows me to understand and explain male and female reproductive health and provide scientific evidence-based information to help you optimise your chances of conception as well as to get the best out of your appointments with GPs and Consultants.

You are most welcome to bring your partner along to your first appointment if you both want to understand more about your current health and fertility. Your initial fertility appointment includes:

  • an in-depth health and fertility consultation, based on a fertility questionnaire I ask you to fill in prior to your appointment,
  • advice and information on how to optimise your chances of conception, based on my training, knowledge and experience as a Fertility Awareness Practitioner,
  • the chance to ask questions about any aspect of your health, lifestyle or fertility, with answers based on the most up-to-date scientific research,
  • a summary report containing detailed information to help you optimise your fertility, based on our consultation and tailored to your specific situation.
Initial Fertility Consultation  £65 This initial appointment lasts around 80 minutes and includes an in-depth fertility health consultation and summary report with tailored information about optimising your fertility. NB. There is no treatment included in this initial consultation and is a stand-alone appointment suitable for anyone interested in better understanding their specific fertility situation.
Initial Fertility Appointment (consultation and treatment)  £75 This initial appointment lasts up to 2 hours and includes an in-depth fertility health consultation, followed by a short reflexology treatment focused on hormones and reproductive function.
Follow-up Fertility Appointment £55 These follow-ups last up to 1.5 hours and include a fertility consultation and 60-minute reflexology treatment.
Follow-up Focused Fertility Appointment £50 If you are undergoing IVF or other ART treatment or know exactly what your fertility issues are and therefore do not need such extensive consultations, I can do shorter appointments to suit your individual needs.

Ideally, it is good to have an initial course of 4-6 reflexology treatments weekly or fortnightly to give the body a proper chance to rebalance hormones or to work alongside Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) such as IVF. I do have prepaid packages to help reduce the cost of regular treatments, to find out more or to discuss how reflexology might be able to help in your specific situation contact me today –

I look forward to hearing from you!