Spacemasks (pack of 5)


Spacemasks are naturally self-heating eye masks, gently scented with Jasmine. Allows all your tension to melt away as you relax, unwind and float off into space!

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These masks are perfect for when your eyes feel tired – or when the rest of you does.

Spacemasks are self-heating single use eye masks. Simply open the pouch, unfold the jasmine-scented mask and place it over your eyes, fitting the loops around your ears. Within minutes it starts to heat up and the warmth lasts around 15 minutes and there is something about the gentle heat and subtle fragrance that is incredibly soothing, allowing you to float away to another dimension, leaving all your worries behind. The relaxing warmth eases eye tension and improves blood circulation, helping to reduce dark circles and puffiness, leaving you with sparkling rested-looking eyes. The soothing effect of the heat, darkness and jasmine scent is gentle yet effective and if you are tired, stressed and need to unwind, this does the trick. Click here for more information about spacemasks.

Available as single masks or in a packet of 5. Perfect as a gift to anyone who is tired or stressed out – if you can bear to part with them that is!

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