Fossilstone elephant tealight (Lrg)*


Elephant tealight holder made of fossilstone. Please note that these tealight holders are only available for collection or for local delivery (within 7 miles of Maidenhead, Berkshire) as they are too fragile to be sent out by post.

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An elephant tealight holder made from beautiful and ancient fossilstone (a brown agate stone full of fossilised snails). This large tealight holder is approx 14cm long, 8cm wide and 11cm high. Small and medium versions are also available. There is variation in the colour and pattern of each tealight holder.

Fossilstone is the popular name given to a brown, fossiliferous agate found in Wyoming. It formed around 50 million years ago in the lakes below the Rocky Mountains. When it rained, sediment ran down the mountain slopes and into streams that carried it into nearby lakes. This sediment contained many fresh water snails that over time silicified  and were preserved as fossils within the sedimentary brown rock. Fossilstone can then be carved and polished revealing the beautiful fossils within in exquisite detail.

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