* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my Maidenhead treatment room is currently shut and I plan to reopen in September. In the meantime I am still here to support and help ONLINE and am currently teaching guided self-treatments both in groups and one-to-one*

My top priority is to support and work with my existing clients. So if you’d like to discuss how a guided self-treatment could help in your specific situation or you’d like to book an appointment, then please get in touch.

If you are a new client and would like to explore working with me, then do drop me an email and we can have a chat about possible options.

I have also reduced my prices to make my services more accessible for the duration of the current situation. One-to-one online appointments for existing clients are £45 for 75-minutes and  group workshops are £20/hour. If you are in financial difficulty and are unable to afford these prices, please contact me to discuss your situation, as a limited number of concessions are available.

Online one-to-one guided treatments £45
These online appointments are available to all existing clients who have had an initial consultation with me in the past 7 years. These sessions take place on Zoom and  include: a health consultation, a demonstration of each step in your personalised Jin Shin sequence, followed by a self-treatment, set to a guided mediation. With these appointments everything is tailored to your specific health requirements (like my “in person” treatments are). Please allow around 75 minutes for this appointment, contact me for further information.

Online group workshops £20
These workshops each focus on one specific aspect of our health and wellbeing and include:

  • Coping with stress & anxiety during the pandemic,
  • Supporting your immune system,
  • Harmonising your hormones.

I will show you how to place your hands on areas of the body to help with specific issues and we will then practice a sequence of these “holds”, set to a guided meditation. You will also receive a booklet with information allowing you to easily use these holds and sequences at home whenever you need them. These live workshops run via Zoom at lunchtimes and in the evenings. Please contact me for further information.

Opening hours

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Closed

Payment is by cash, debit card, credit card or bank transfer. Debit and credit card payments are processed by Square. If you have a private health cash plan/health insurance you may be able to reclaim all or part of the cost of your treatment using a receipt containing my accreditations.

Prices for my “in person” treatments, when my treatment room is able to safely reopen.

New Clients

Initial Consultation and treatment £75
When you come to see me for the first time I will carry out an in-depth consultation covering your health and life stresses, this allows plenty of time for us to get to know one another and to build up a full picture of where you are now and what you would like to get out of your treatment. The consultation is followed by the tailored treatment of your choice (Reflexology, Facial rejuvenation, Ear candling). Please allow around an hour and 45 minutes for this first appointment.

Initial Fertility Reflexology appointment £95
If you are coming to see me for fertility reflexology, this initial appointment takes longer at around 2 hours as it includes an extended health and fertility consultation followed by a reflexology treatment tailored to your specific fertility situation. Click here for more details about my fertility appointments.

Child/Teen Initial Reflexology appointment from £50
A shorter reflexology treatment, personalised based on the age and issues of your child/teen. Includes a consultation with the parent/guardian prior to or at the appointment. Please contact me for to find out more about how I structure and price these appointments.

I offer appointments in my dedicated downstairs treatment room which overlooks the garden. This is based in Alwyn Road, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 5EG, click for map.

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up appointments all include time for a consultation and a treatment. You have the chance to ask questions or talk without feeling rushed and then to fully relax and enjoy your treatment :o) Please note that fertility appointments usually last longer due to a more in-depth follow-up consultation and/or treatment, click here for more information.

Standard 75-minute appointments (£60)
Reflexology This treatment is specifically tailored to best meet your individual needs and preferences, drawing on a range of reflexology and massage techniques blended together to make it feel blissful and effective! Suitable for pregnancy, chronic illness, stress and pampering. Includes a pre-treatment consultation.

Shorter 60-minute focused appointments (£50)
Ear Candling A short consultation and an ear candling treatment followed by a facial massage to encourage lymphatic drainage. Suitable for health conditions involving the ears, sinuses or head, as well as being very calming, replenishing and de-stressing. 

Reflexology A short consultation and a rebalancing reflexology treatment that can be tailored to focus on a specific health issue or on relaxing and de-stressing. Suitable for pregnancy, chronic illness, stress and pampering. 

Gift vouchers are available

Cancellation Policy

I do understand that it is sometimes necessary to re-schedule or cancel an appointment. But I ask that you give me as much notice as possible, so that I can then offer your appointment slot to someone else. So if you are feeling unwell or life just gets in the way, then please contact me and discuss the options as ahead of time as possible.

It is rare for clients to cancel at very short notice, but in order to respect the value of my time I charge a £25 cancellation fee if you cancel with less than 12 hours notice. If you do not show up for an appointment without prior notice and fail to contact me, then you will be expected to pay the full treatment price.