Thai Reflexology

leap into spring(dreamstime_m_14163203)‘Thai Reflexology’ is a hybrid treatment which I developed to bring together revitalising Thai Foot Massage techniques that work the Thai Sen (energy) channels with the precision of working on specific classical reflexology points. Bringing these different techniques together creates an exciting new treatment that has powerful synergistic effects, which aims to refresh and revitalise the mind and body, leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and uplifted.

Classical reflexology is a very nurturing and replenishing treatment, calm and contemplative, it encourages a sense of peace and helps us feel centred. Reflexology is supportive and nourishing and allows our body the time and space to balance and become healthier, by working on individual reflex points. Whereas Thai Foot Massage is a more general treatment that is all about promoting good health by working on the Sen energy channels of the feet and up into the lower leg, encouraging the flow of energy up and throughout the body. In Thailand it is called ‘Foot massage for health’ and is used as a complete holistic treatment for mind, body and spirit.

Bringing together this combination of Thai massage and classical reflexology produces a wonderful treatment that feels revitalising and uplifting and can also easily be tailored to your individual needs by working specific reflex points. The main difference then between classical reflexology and Thai reflexology, is that the Thai treatment incorporates lots of stimulating Thai massage techniques to encourage energy flow in the foot and up into the body.

Thai Reflexology is a great treatment to get our energy flowing again especially if you are on your feet all day. Taking the time to rebalance our body and mind can sweep us out of any lethargy and help us blossom into healthier, more vibrant versions of ourselves. We can then spring forward filled with renewed energy and vigour!