Thai Foot Massage

Are your feet or legs feeling achey and tired? Do you want the chance to relax and put your feet up?

reflexology foot massage by stick wood, spa foot treatment,ThailandThen why not try Thai Foot Massage.

  • Thai Foot Massage is a relaxing and re-energising treatment that combines Thai oil massage techniques with stimulation of reflexology points using a traditional wooden stick.
  • It is designed to feel pampering and enjoyable whilst boosting your general health.
  • You just need to remove your socks, roll up your trousers and then relax on a reclining chair.

reflexology foot massage, spa foot treatment,ThailandThai Foot Massage is:

  • Invigorating – Stimulating energy flow in the feet and legs.
  • Relaxing – Promoting a lovely feeling of wellbeing.
  • Pampering – Giving you some quiet time to yourself, whilst also benefiting your general health.

Just a quick note to say ‘wow’. Not only was the treatment wonderful as usual but what a difference it made. I slept really well and woke up with loads of energy – even went for a run on Monday evening, haven’t done that for ages and ages!
Tania, Dyslexia teacher

What is involved?

  • Palms, fingers, thumbs and knuckles are used to provide a flowing oil-based massage of both the feet and calves.
  • A traditional wooden Thai stick is also used to massage the feet as well as to stimulate each of the reflexology points.
  • The treatment is working the Thai energy lines and points (known as Sen lines) to open up and get the energy of the whole body flowing, as well as working all the traditional reflex points to allow the body to rebalance.
  • Check out this video to give you a taster of what a Thai Foot Massage treatment is like.

My training and experience

I studied at the School of Thai Yoga Massage as it has the highest standard of training in Thai Massage. I completed two hands-on training days, 10 case studies and a practical exam and was awarded my certificate in Thai Foot Massage in 2011. Since then I have enjoyed giving many Thai Foot Massage treatments and personally find it to be a beautifully replenishing treatment that gives me a really energy boost whenever I have one myself!

45-minute and 60-minute treatments are available, with prices starting from £50.