Ear Candling

dreamstime_xl_10869887 (ear candling)Ear Candling (also known as Hopi Ear Candling) is a gentle, replenishing treatment that can calm your mind, soothe away stress and relax your body.

Lie back and relax as a specially designed beeswax ear candle is lit and inserted into the entrance of your ear canal. The candle burns with a pleasant crackling sound for around 10-12 minutes until it reaches a safety line (which is well away from the ear!) The process is then repeated on the other ear.

The treatment finishes with your choice of a short soothing facial or foot massage. The whole treatment lasts around 45-minutes and is £50 for follow-up treatments. If you are coming along for the first time, this initial appointment will last longer to include a full health consultation, which is £65 for a focused appointment (around 75 minutes in length, concentrating on the main reason you are having ear candling), or £75 for a standard appointment (around 100 minutes, including a comprehensive health consultation).

woman sleeping (dreamstime22784701)General benefits that people often experience after an ear candling treatment include:

  • a sense of calmness and wellbeing,
  • feeling less congested and mucosy,
  • a loosening and dispersal of earwax,
  • a lighter, brighter mood,
  • feeling relaxed and replenished,
  • Better quality sleep.

About Ear Candling

Ear candling is a calming, relaxing treatment that is used in many cultures, with the techniques passing down from generation to generation. Ear candles themselves are specially designed long, hollow tubes of cotton soaked in beeswax and they may also be impregnated with herbs or aromatherapy oils. It is suitable for health conditions where it is beneficial for the system to be warmed up, dried up and generally lightened.

It is a common misconception that ear candles actually draw out earwax from the ear into the candle, using a chimney action. This has now been scientifically proven NOT to be the case! The residue found in the candle following treatment is simply wax from the candle and not earwax. However, the action of candling appears to encourage the ear to disperse wax naturally, following treatment.

Who is it suitable for?

Ear candling is a gentle, restorative treatment, so it works well in many situations. It is traditionally used for:

  • Ear, nose or throat conditions, as well as for congested sinuses and snoring,
  • To help ear wax to soften , making it easier for the ear to dispel it,
  • Children – especially if they suffer from recurrent colds or ear infections (my own boys really enjoy being ear candled!)
  • To ease help headaches,
  • Chronic illness or low energy.

‘I find ear candling a very pleasant, gentle therapy and after a treatment with Rosanna I feel very relaxed and often energised too. I also find it helps when I have both bouts of sinusitis and dizziness caused by blocked ears.’
Sue, teacher.

It can also be used during pregnancy, just so long as you are comfortable lying on your side for around 15 minutes at a time.

NB. There are as yet no scientific studies to verify efficacy of ear candling for any specific condition. Therefore its popularity is all down to word of mouth and the wealth of anecdotal evidence that has been collected worldwide.

About the ear candles

I only use high quality, safety verified beeswax ear candles from Biosun or Harmony in my treatments. These both have safety filters and burn lines, which mean the flame never comes closer than 8 cm away from your ear! Biosun ear candles contain honey, sage, camomile and herbs for a pleasant smell and beneficial effects on your wellbeing. Whereas the Harmony ear candles are made from organic cotton and beeswax and are double wrapped for a longer burn.

For more information about Ear Candling please contact me or check out the FAQs page.

Feeling curious as to how Ear Candling can benefit you? Then phone me on 01628 773133 or email me to discuss how they can help your particular situation – I look forward to hearing from you!