Baby Reflexology prices

Baby reflexology can be taught one-to-one or in a group of up to 6 parents.

One-to-one sessions

An introduction to baby reflexology
1 x 60-minute session £60 (or £70 in your own home)*

This session can be tailored to address a specific need e.g. to help settle a baby who is crying a lot or you can be taught a simple, shortened version of the baby reflexology routine.

Full baby reflex course
2 x 60-minute sessions £100 (or £120 in your own home)*

One-to-one sessions can be held in your own home or in my treatment room and are available both on weekdays and Saturdays – so if you are keen to learn some calming and soothing techniques to use on your baby right now – then just give me a call!

*All prices are inclusive of colour baby reflex treatment charts, the course booklet and a baby ‘dolly’ foot.

Parent classes

These classes are designed for parents and babies to attend together. You can come along with your baby or if you prefer you are also welcome to bring along your partner or a grandparent to learn the techniques alongside you (for which there is a discounted extra charge). Note: due to a packed diary I am not currently able to offer regular group classes, but am happy to teach a small group in your own home – please get in touch for more details.

Baby reflex gift vouchers are available.

I am very happy to treat babies and children either with or without you learning baby reflex, so please contact me to find out about how I structure and price these appointments.