Babies are very receptive to reflexology and respond well to short, gentle treatments.

Portrait of a peaceful baby sleeping in his cradle at homeBaby reflexology is a safe, natural treatment with many possible benefits to your baby (and you!)

  • It may encourage good sleep patterns,
  • It can be calming and soothing,
  • It may help you and your baby cope with health or behavioural issues,
  • It can be given alongside prescribed medical treatment.

I have seen first hand how well babies can respond to reflexology as my own baby became my very first case study back when I was training in 2007! Harry had a reoccurring nasty wheeze as a result of a bronchiolitis infection when he was 3 months old. This wheeze interferred with everyone’s sleep and was causing a lot of anxiety. I discovered that short, daily reflexology treatments made a great difference to how we all coped and happily these wheezes disappeared and have not returned. Harry is now 7, but likes nothing more than hopping into my ‘special’ chair to have his feet done!

mum and babyThis experience has left me with a passion for treating babies and children with reflexology and most especially for teaching parents simple routines that they can easily and confidently use on their own offspring. I have trained further in baby reflexology, with the inspirational founder of baby reflex, Jenny Lee, qualifying as a baby reflex teacher in February 2010.

Calming Touch Reflexology

Baby foot massage (dreamstime_13058771)I have recently updated my baby reflexology courses as a result of all the knowledge and experience of the mums and babies I have met and trained. I now include the very best of the baby reflex techniques including setting routines to nursery rhymes, but with the addition of my own colour laminated charts, annotated baby ‘dolly’ feet and ‘rainbow routine’.

Find out more about how you can learn some simple, easy-to-remember reflexology routines to use on your own baby by clicking here.

Remember, a happier baby means a happier mother resulting in a happier family – everyone can benefit from baby reflexology!