Other treatments

In addition to Reflexology, I have also trained in other holistic treatments that work well on their own or in combination with one another. Further details can be found in the links below or please phone me on 01628 773133 for a chat about how they could help in your specific situation.

ear1Ear Candling A gentle, replenishing treatment that involves burning a Biosun or Harmony organic beeswax ear candle in each ear. This is recommended for chronic or acute ear, nose or throat complaints, as well as acting as a general pick-me-up!


reflexology foot massage by stick wood, spa foot treatment,ThailandThai Foot Massage A relaxing and revitalising treatment that uses traditional Thai massage techniques to thoroughly massage the feet, ankles and lower legs using palms, knuckles, thumbs, fingers and a traditional wooden stick. This is ideal for tired, achey feet and legs!



Baby Reflexology A short, gentle treatment set to nursery rhymes that you can learn to give your own baby, to help with a variety of health or behavioural issues.


Pregnancy test cropped

Fertility Awareness A consultation and teaching session to help you understand your cycles, your fertility potential and ways to optimise your chances of conception.