Online Guided Treatments


I’m now open ONLINE – allowing you to experience my Treatment Room in a whole new way!

By expanding the bubble of my treatment room online, you can now be enveloped in its calm, peaceful atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.  An experience that requires no face coverings or hand sanitiser, no trying to find a parking space and one that allows you to wear pyjamas or onesies (well no change there then as I’ve always encouraged this!!)

Reopening as an online Treatment Room carries no risk of virus transmission at all – absolutely none! So working online allows me to put 100% of my time and energy into creating wonderfully relaxing and beneficial guided self-treatments.

So I am now providing guided self-treatments online via Zoom, both one-to-one and in group workshops.

Over the past year I have found that it’s completely possible to create a welcoming and caring environment online and as I base all the classes and consultations in my Treatment Room, we can still recreate that sense of being here in person. You will get to see all my crystals, lamps and candles, your usual music will play gently as I guide you through a treatment and you can see my garden in the background as though you had your feet up in the treatment chair. We can even sync up the aromas we are diffusing into the atmosphere!

I spent  the first few months of lockdown researching, studying and experimenting with various self-care techniques and now really enjoy sharing the very best ones with you in the form of self-treatments. Having spent a lot of time spent trying out different methods on myself (yes, it’s a hard life!) I have chosen to base the self-treatments on Jin Shin sequences which involves holding areas of the body with your hands (along similar lines to acupuncture but using hands instead of needles). These treatments will also be sprinkled with a few lovely hand reflexology and facial rejuvenation techniques.

I have found Jin Shin to be the most enjoyable and also the easiest form of self-care to remember and include regularly in my day. These holds and sequences can be used in many different situations, we can choose to consciously give ourselves a treatment and equally we can use them while we are watching tv, listening to a podcast, as a passenger in a car or train – they are even discreet enough for a dull work meeting!

Online one-to-one bespoke guided treatment (includes MP3 & PDF of your personalised treatment)  £95
These online appointments are available to all existing clients who have had an initial consultation with me in the past 7 years. These sessions take place on Zoom and include: a health consultation, a demonstration of each step in your personalised Jin Shin sequence and a guided treatment. You will also receive a personalised guided mediation MP3 & PDF containing all the steps, so you have everything you need to continue treating yourself at home. With these appointments everything is tailored to your specific health requirements (like my “in person” treatments are). Find out more here.

Online group workshops £20
These workshops each focus on one specific aspect of our health and wellbeing and include:

  • Coping with stress & anxiety during the pandemic,
  • Supporting your immune system,
  • Harmonising your hormones.

I will show you how to place your hands on areas of the body to help with specific issues and we will then practice a sequence of these “holds”, set to a guided meditation. You will also receive a booklet with information allowing you to easily use these holds and sequences at home whenever you need them. These live workshops run via Zoom at lunchtimes and in the evenings. Please contact me for further information.