Online Fertility Awareness

Consultation and teaching sessions to help you understand your cycles, your fertility potential and ways to optimise your chances of conception.

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My training, knowledge and experience as a Fertility Awareness  practitioner allows me to understand and explain male and female reproductive health and provide evidence-based information to help you optimise your chances of conception, as well as to get the best out of your appointments with GPs and Consultants.

Online Initial Fertility Awareness Session £60
A video consultation and teaching session to help you understand your cycles, your fertility potential and ways to optimise your chances of conception. This initial appointment includes:

  • an in-depth consultation spanning your health, your fertility and your menstrual cycle history,
  • learning how to understand your cycles and how to help optimise chances of conception,
  • a discussion of how to use charting and/or fertility tracking apps,
  • This session takes up to 40-minutes and your partner is also welcome along (if you have one and they want to join us!)

This appointment takes place on Zoom, contact me for further information.

Follow-up Fertility Awareness Sessions £25
These follow-up online appointments are available to all clients who have had an initial fertility consultation with me. These sessions take place on Zoom and  include a consultation and teaching session based around your cycles, including analysing any charts/app information you have available. Please allow around 20 minutes for this appointment, contact me for further information.

Follow-up email chart review £10/chart
I’m also very happy to review and give my opinion on your charts via email.

Please note I teach Fertility Awareness purely within the context of trying to conceive. If you are looking to learn this as a natural contraception method then I can throughly recommend the following teachers:

Oxford Sexual Health, Churchill hospital, Old Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7LE. Tel: 01865 231 231: Dr Liz Azzopardi – consultations available on the NHS.

Sarah Panzetta – private, based in North London but does also does online consultations on Zoom.

Kate Davies – private, based in Lincolnshire but does online consultations.