How to boost your energy for a happy and healthy spring.



Spring is finally properly here, with wonderfully warm weather to complement clear blue skies. The cherry blossom is out alongside bluebells and there is birdsong is in the air. So to celebrate this season of new beginnings, here are my 3 top tips to harness the flowing spring energy to help us blossom into healthier, more vibrant versions of ourselves.


1. Surround yourself with flowers

‘I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.’ Emma Goldman, Russian activist

Front gardenWindow box 1Seeing beautiful flowers always lifts my heart and I have been experimenting with using them both in and outdoors this year. Back in March I was seduced by the cheerfulness of primroses and cowslips that seemed to be calling to me in the garden centre. So despite having a blue and white theme in my front garden, I bought some along with some tiny daffodils and planted them up in my window boxes. Now every time I walk up to my front door they make me smile as they welcome me home! My usual purple plants have ended up in pots by the Treatment Room entrance where some unusual zebra primulas have been a talking point.


DaffodilZebra primulasEven if you have no outside space or you want to brighten up your workplace, then try buying a small bunch of flowers for yourself, as even a humble bunch of daffodils can have a really uplifting effect. My favourites this year have come from M&S who stock lots of unusual varieties from just £1!

And now that the risk of frost is passing, it’s the perfect time to shop for some cheery summer bedding. My advice is to start small with one little area that you will pass every day and see for yourself the effect it has on your mood. My top place to get wonderful quality and great value plants is the Davies Brothers Nursery in Burnham, which is now open for the summer season.


2. Spring clearing

‘Imagine yourself living in a space that contains only things that spark joy. Isn’t this the lifestyle that you dream of?’ Marie Kondo

After months of spending lots of time indoors with the windows closed and the heating on, it is no surprise that the energy in our houses can be stagnant and rather blocked. But this tends to be something that we only notice, once it is flowing again. The good news is that this is easy to do, it just needs a good clear out, maybe moving some furniture around and then throwing open the windows. I’ve recently been reading Marie Kondo’s books ‘The life-changing magic of tidying’ and ‘Spark Joy’ to give me inspiration. I love her philosophy of keeping only the things that really spark joy (or are absolutely essential) and letting go of everything else. Her method involves sorting things by category rather than by room and so far I have done clothes, books and am currently on paper. I’m finding letting go of old bills, course notes and to-do lists rather liberating!

If you have things you no longer need then there are an abundance of charity shops to donate them too in Maidenhead, some of which are open on Sundays (perfect when I’ve spent Saturday sorting). I’ve also just given all my old work towels as well as cat toys and beds to Dorney Animal Sanctuary, where all such donations are gratefully received (but I had to stop myself coming back with lots more chickens as they had some gorgeous ones looking for new homes!) For large pieces of furniture and electricals I always use our local Maidenhead Freegle (freecycling group), where people will come and collect unwanted items from you saving a lot of time and effort.

It’s amazing the difference that clearing even just a few things out can make to the whole feel of a house, not to mention the lovely feeling of passing something onto to someone who can really use it. So do give it a try for yourself.

3. Reflexology

‘Just as a seed knows how to grow and blossom, so the body knows how to heal.’ Wayne Mueller

Having lifted your spirits with flowers and revitalized your surroundings by having a good clear out, it’s important to remember to get ourselves spring ready as well and my favourite way to do this is with reflexology.

reflex1Reflexology is a great way to rebalance our bodies and to encourage our energy to flow again. Often we end up with a busy mind but a sluggish body and reflexology helps to balance this out – letting the mind unwind while the body gets to work with some internal spring-cleaning. By working on the feet we encourage the blood and lymphatics to circulate more efficiently allowing all the cells to be bathed in nutrients and oxygen and helping to remove built-up metabolic waste products. Meanwhile, your mood starts to lift, melting away stress and tension and replacing them with wonderful feelings of calm and clear-headedness. Then as each individual foot reflex is worked, the body and mind are in an optimal state to begin restoring balance to the corresponding organ or system, allowing a natural flow and energy to return.


leap into spring(dreamstime_m_14163203)Taking time to rebalance our body and mind can sweep us out of any lingering stagnancy and help us blossom into healthier, more vibrant versions of ourselves. We can then spring forward to a fresh start with renewed energy and vigor.

Knowing how effective reflexology can be, do I actually practice what I preach? You bet I do! I have been having regular reflexology treatments with some lovely local reflexologists including Laura Wright who I can thoroughly recommend. This has helped me replenish and revitalize, so that I can be full of the joys of spring and in the best possible state to treat all my lovely clients!

I hope that this has given you some ideas to try out this spring and if you have any comments or tips you would like to share then please do post them below.

Wishing you a fabulously happy and healthy spring.

Rosanna x